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There are an uncountable number of students who go to Great Britain or the United Kingdom every year. The United Kingdom has one of the oldest and most hallowed education systems in the world. That is the reason why the United Kingdom attracts more students every year. The country has been known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Over the years it has become a coalescent land of cultures around the world.

These universities are considered as some of the most trustable universities . And usually tops the chart of best universities in the world. Considering the massive economy it has a ton of occupational opportunities. The UK once ruled around the world, from India to South America. It derives a number of people from around the world going to the UK for higher education. A trend which has been continuing even today.
The country has good weather around the year with frequent rainfall, While some parts of the country face snowfall during winter months. Students and professionals around the world prefer universities like Oxford, Liverpool and Cambridge. The country tops the list of largest economies according to GDP and has the largest human development indexes in the world. London is the most diverse city in the world and also known as the finance capital of the world.


Why study in United Kingdom

The education system is considered as the best in the world. It provides balance between academics and vocational courses that one has chosen to study. The UK is known as the home of the English language, and it is the perfect setting to hone your skills and improve your employment possibilities. Studying here is the perfect getaway into Europe. The UK attracts students from around the globe including countries like China, Brazil, Australia and many other nations. This makes the country the most diversely populated space to study.

Studying in the UK itself is an opportunity to interact with people from a variety of nationalities. One thing to be considered about the courses here is,it tends to be shorter than any other place in the world. Courses like undergraduate take around 3 years while postgraduate courses last for 1. This will help students to save a lot of time and money. Courses here also include extra curricular activities which can provide guidance and opportunity to network.

Universities here provide a wide range of courses and disciplines that can help appeal to a variety of passions and ambitions. Courses here include programming to ocean studies to women’s studies. There are so many options available to choose from, This is the reason why over 15000 Indians go to study in the UK every year. Not only India, these unique features of the education system here attracts so many people around the globe.

Education system

The United Kingdom holds N number of high quality institutions. Most of the education is financed by the government so education here is quite affordable except some private institutes. The UK helds some of the old and well known universities like Cambridge and Oxford. The colleges / institutes here have all the major facilities and lack nothing.

In the United Kingdom the bachelor’s degree takes upto three years and other vocational or foundational degrees can take about two years. Universities here offer courses in science, technology, engineering as well as maths. There are also courses which take around four years in which one year to spend in the workplace, courses like these known as sandwich courses. Post graduate and research based courses may take upto 1-2 years, while doctorate degrees can usually take upto three years.

The admission and visa processes are most easy and convenient here. Cost of living is also quite affordable. And there are ample opportunities to learn and for internships which are designed to make the students confident in their own abilities. The education system is designed to ensure student’s graduating as an expert in their chosen subject.


Australia is considered as one of the most affordable destinations to study around the world, Which will provide students to choose from the various courses and universities. The English Language courses can cost around $300 per week and the length of the course may vary.

The range of Vocational and Education Training (VET) courses are somewhere between $4000 to $22000 per year which depends on the course and institute you choose. Technical and Further Education (TAFE) courses will cost you the same. Any diploma degree will cost around $12000 to $18000 per annum where undergraduate degree can cost around $15000 to $33000 per year. And postgraduate masters degree will cost $20000 to $37000 per year.

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University fees may vary depending on the courses and institution offering to the students. It sets the average of around 10000 to 12000 pounds for undergraduate courses while it costs around 10000 to 18000 for post graduate degrees. Courses of humanities and social sciences cost much lower than other courses.

The UK visa requirements stipulate that a student must have at least 1100 pound in their bank account for every month. The larger cities such as London may cost a little higher according to cost of living. However Cardiff, Aberdeen in Scotland and Durham are more affordable in terms of cost of living. One of the surveys found that students here in the UK spent around 125 pounds every week on an average. Which is completely dependent on the region. Students in Northern Ireland spend around 90 pounds a week which is far less than the cost of living in London.

Document Checklist (Graduate Application)

True Copies attested by School Principal in white envelope sealed by the School authorities.

True Copies attested by College Principal / Register / Controller of Exam, in white envelope sealed by the College/University Authority.

True Copies attested by the College Principal / Registrar / Controller of Exams, in white envelope sealed by the College / University Authority.

True Copies attested by the College Principal / Registrar / Controller of Exams, in white envelope sealed by the College / University Authority.

2 College Recommendation & 1 professional Recommendation, on official letterhead

To be prepared as per guidelines standard.

On the official Bank letterhead (Nationalized/Private) with original seal & signature of the Bank Manager

On Rs.50/- or Rs.100/- Stamp Paper.

Photocopy of official/unofficial score sheet OR Print of Exam Date Confirmation

Note: Only Photocopies, not to be attested.

Note: Stamp of School/ College on the first page of the photocopy syllabus.

First & last page of the passport. Not to be attested.

Bank statements should be stamped and signed by a bank officer.

The choice of country depends on the budget as well as personal interest of the student. Mostly all countries now are offering a very wide range of courses. A student must first of all choose which country offers him the best choice of course as well as provides him/her employment opportunities. Example: Taking the financial aspect into consideration the courses in UK are only for 1 year and that cuts down the cost of studies substantially when compared to USA / Australia. Pyramid Overseas Education Consultants and Immigration helps you make this analysis and then zero-in on a country that suits you best.

All the countries have university rankings; but this may not be the only distinguishing feature for a university. A university that suits the student best would be the one that: » Is accredited by the local Accreditation Council » Offers the course that a student is looking for » Accepts students qualifications for the interested course » Is situated in a location that student is interested in Once these 4 points are checked with, the student can then look into the financial part.

Generally, in most universities and colleges in UK and USA, there are two intakes, mainly in September and Jan/Feb; while in Germany the intakes are in April and October. It is advisable to procure admission 3 months prior to the intake month. This ensures a smooth process and a comfortable and timely preparation. That apart if the admission date is delayed, the seats in the university might get full and you may have to let-go of a golden opportunity and then compromise with either university selection or tuition fees or quality of education. To avoid all this we advice you to make your choices and decisions well in time.

It takes approx. 4-6 weeks to process a file. The breakdown is as under: » Selecting a university and preparation for application » Receiving Offer letter from University » Documentation for Visa File » Visa Interview Preparation » Interview Date » Receiving Visa » Flight Booking

It takes approx. 4-6 weeks to process a file. The breakdown is as under: » Selecting a university and preparation for application » Receiving Offer letter from University » Documentation for Visa File » Visa Interview Preparation » Interview Date » Receiving Visa » Flight Booking

UK: IELTS or TOEFL USA: IELTS or TOEFL and GRE or GMAT or SAT Germany: IELTS or TOEFL and GMAT or GRE Although, IELTS & TOEFL examination is not necessary for all universities, but it is definitely an important supportive document for your application form. Proficiency in English Language is a must in order to study in any country, as the medium of instruction is English. It is important that you as a student are able to understand instructional English in order to do well in your studies. IELTS / TOEFL exams are therefore accepted proofs of proficiency in English.

Yes! A student can apply while the results for the above are awaited. In this case a Conditional offer letter is given to the student. The results can be submitted later on.

No! Students have to give either IELTS or TOEFL depending on the requirement of the country of your choice.

Expenditure on studies abroad can be divided into 2 parts: » Tuition Fees » Living Expenditure Tuition fees of most universities are again different based on the Course, College Ranking and duration of Study.

Yes! Legally as per the Student Visa norms a student can work 15-20 hours per week. A student can also engage in a full time job during Vacation period (40-45 HPW) Jobs can be on / off campus in UK but only on campus jobs are allowed in USA. But a student CANNOT: » Engage in any business, self- employment or provide services as a sports person or as an entertainer. » Pursue a career by filling a permanent full time vacancy.

It is mandatory for a student to have an account in a bank in any foreign land. This is because you shall be making all regular payments in and out of this account. Some banks have special schemes for students; these can be checked out once you reach the destination country. In order to increase your chances of a favorable visa decision, there are several things you can do, such as : » Start the process as early as possible in advance of your departure date. » Assemble all the documentation that can help make your case. » Make sure you are well prepared if you are required to attend an interview.

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Cost of Education in UK

Types of Expenses
Tuition Fees for one-year (Indicative)*
Living and Accommodation
Visa Fees
Immigration Health Surcharge/National Health Surcharge
Airfare from India to United Kingdom
Total Expenses
Annual Expenses in GBP

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